12/30/2017 02:25


Some can make you feel high, euphoric or relaxed, but no one solves problems.
Because problems are such only if you look at all of them at once.
Just look at each of them, one by one, and take your time.

No problem’s gonna get solved quickly.
Distance could be a problem, but not if you have the time to travel it.
After all, we decide our problems.
I know people that hate me, eaten from jealousness. But I also know people that believe in me, they’re my goals, and I keep going on to reach them.

Sea current could actually help you, if you only turned backwards.


12/28/2017 01:16

Sometimes you find people who sincerely care for you – more than they do for themselves.
Maybe those people don’t even have a good reason to do that, but they do.
And here comes shyness, hiding the beautiful person you are.
I know very nice people, alone in their shyness.
I’m shy too, but come on, nobody gonna remember me, not now nor when I’ll be dead. Neither will the time I failed with a girl or that time I got a great success.
And if someone laughs at my fails, it’s no problem. They’re not my goals nor I’m interested in them. Someday I’ll be forgotten, and those people will have only lost time laughing at me, while I focus on myself.


12/28/2017 00:50


We’re humans, we experience them.
We’re made out of meat, blood, and the chemicals that flow into it.
Emotions, everything we feel is just a chemical reaction. From the pain of a burn to the hilariousness of a joke. Just chemicals.
And my life ain’t gonna be ruined by some strange molecule.

It is controversial that every substance that gives us some kind of sensation is somehow toxic for us, isn’t it?

That's it.